Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Second Entry                                                                     January 30. 2012

Unspoken Fear by Hunter Morgan

Part 1
                The novel is a romantic suspense story. It is like a question between what God really wants us to do and what man THINKS God wants us to do. The novel made me rose questions that really set my mood for curiosity.
                The “voice of God” that Alice is hearing over again, could it possibly be not God’s voice but of Satan telling her to kill the sinners? Also, I really don’t get the reason on why Noah would have his blackouts every time Alice (Azrael, The Angel of Death), would kill a sinner? Do his blackouts have something to do with Alice’s crimes? Lastly, who killed Alice? If she really is blessed by God to be Azrael, why did she experience such a gruesome death? It has been stated that another angel killed her but who sent that so- called “angel”, God or Satan?

                I guess the Gibson’s with Mattie and Chester will again make a happy family. Rachel and Noah will get married again (though they never really got divorced), go to a honeymoon, maybe sold their property in Stephen Kill and move to another place to start a new life. They can still have another child to be Mallory and Mattie’s’ playmate. Then they’ll be complete and satisfied.
Another prediction is with Snowden and Delilah. They don’t have to keep their affections to each other. Delilah’s siblings would take Snowden as a new brother in the family. On the other hand, Tillie, Snowden’s mom would really love Delilah to be her daughter- in- law. The Calloways and the Swifts will be a very happy and riot- like family. They are the perfect match.


                The characters’ nightmare experiences are like my own experiences when I have them. Mostly the nightmares are simply nightmares but, there are those which were signs that bad things will happen. It’s a really scary experience so I could really connect.
                Another connection I had is that when I was a kid. Probably four or five years old, I’m telling things which the older ones don’t believe and they think I am just imagining. They would tell me to grow up and stop being childish. It’s like what Mallory is in this story.


                The innocence of a child, portrayed by Mallory, made me realize that such innocence could really turn bad things around. The rude treatment of Rachel towards Noah changed because of Mallory’s innocent and kind- hearted nature. It made me imagined me with the same kind of innocence as Mallory have, and I smiled. However, that can never be possible. Time will always come that a child’s innocence is stripped off by experiences. Also, a broken family can also be fixed by a child’s presence. In this story, one of the reasons why Rachel hated Noah was because of the fact that he got imprisoned during the time she got pregnant. However, when Noah was released, the presence of Mallory slowly brought back the love between the two.
                In this story, I also pondered that Alice’s action of crucifying Judge Ellen Hearn was not right because God had not planned it. I guess she let her feeling of being powerful get into her head that’s why she thought of doing whatever she wants when she wants it. I think she was killed by what she named “an angel”, because she, also, must pay for the sins she committed and that is, doing what God has NOT commanded her to do. All of us will have to pay for our sins but no one has the right to kill someone just because she is a lesbian and just because someone thinks God will be pleased of him doing that. In this story, though a person was blessed by God as someone powerful (like in the story), at the end of every day, God still, has the final judgment.

 Part 2

Part 2 : Pretend this book will be made into a movie. Make a movie poster on large paper and put the stars who will play the main characters on it. Must be colorful, and follow other advertisements for movies. (Have a HOOK- to draw people to the movie)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sarah F. Ubpon
English 8

A proposal to invent an internal combustion engine to improve the transportation of the land.

Sparks Fly

The need to improve the mode of transportation (horses), is a problem that’s been under the hat for centuries. Not that these horses obliged the people to home and feed them, but also, they need cleaning everyday and that, makes them inadequate for their  function.
I propose to invent this engine that will address the current problem. I’m sure that with this invention, the transportation will improve and it will mean productive industry.

This internal combustion engine is a potential solution and repalcement for the horses. The engine will be put in a cart specialized for an engine. This engine, aside form it will result faster transportation, it will also address several concerns that include the following.

1.    The engine means improved transportation which will mean greater exportation income.
With the exportation demands, which requires faster speeds, an engine- powered carriage would result to a more productive industry of the land. The carriage’s top of the line design would mean more income for the land but less stress for the people.

2.    The engine carriage will require less space and less expenses.
This engine carriage can be placed in a small room without the need of extra space for food. Consequently, this carriage doesn’t need food and habitual cleaning. All it needs is the gasoline or diesel to make it work and cleaning it will be easy as washing ones feet.

3.    The engine will last for years without having thy heart to pour out if it finally deteriorates and the engine will also improve as time passess.
The engine will be used for many years so no regrets about the money used to buy this type of carriage.  Also, when this carriage finally meet its destroyer, it will be easier for a person to let go of that carriage and buy a new one.
Also, an engine like this has rooms for improvement, which means as generations continue to use this, its functions will improve. Unlike for horses, time may change but a horse is still and will always be a horse with the same function.

This engine is a latent that surpasses other transporters. The ICE design as a innovation in the transportation field is expected to be the start- up to a more efficient industry. This ICE carriage will be the vehicle to develop gainful transportation experience. The ICE carriages will take the race farther and the land will dominate in the history of innovative aspects.

Sarah F. Ubpon
English 8

A proposal to invent a ballpoint pen to serve as the innovation of the quill pen.

Rolling in the Seep

The improvement needed for the quill is a mess that’s been marking our head for a long time. The quill not only causes unnecessary marks but it also make the people spend a lot of effort. In this reason, a new writing instrument must be developed.
I have this invention that surely will start the change in our writing experience.

The ballpoint pen is a simple writing machine whose writing point is a small rotating ball that inks itself from an inner container. This ballpoint pen is the exact machine to address this problem. Aside from writing neatly is never a worry, with this pen, the land will be able to endeavor more benefits, both personal and industrial. The benefits are here as follows:

1.    Time Management- compared to a quill pen, the making of the ballpoint pen requires less time. In a quill pen, one may have to catch a goose and search for a tree sap appropriate to be the ink. But with the construction of the ballpoint pen, less time will be consumed for it is made out of materials easily located in the household.
It must also be noted that once this ballpoint pen is made, more paperworks will be made in a shorter period of time compared if we use the quill. With this pen, writing will be no sweat and time will be spent wisely.

2.    Income Generating Machine- the ballpoint pen can be the primary product for export. When other nation knew about the existence of this pen in our very land, they will want it for themselves. Obviously, our land will be the primary source of this product. As the genuine producer of this ballpoint pen, our land will dominate not just in literature but more in industry.

This invention is a simple one but it is of great value to us. From a primitive way of the quill to a state of the art ballpoint pen, our writing experience will surely be the hook for a larger catch of innovation. Once this ballpoint pen is at hand, our land will roll to success and this invention will be known in all generations. The ballpoint pen will be our key to domination and recognition.