Thursday, 29 March 2012

Final Entry: Reading Log

Final Entry                                                              March 29, 2012


Book Title: The Deadliest of Friends by Mary Main             


Part 1 


 This is not just a suspense story. I felt that this story is about trust and friendship. Megan is a true friend to Brad and Darren. If not for her, everyone at Sapphire Lake would still be blind about Brad’s death. Megan’s determined spirit gave this story a happy ending. Even she knew that she will be in trouble for messing up with the case, she still continued because she believed that Darren is innocent. Also, I felt that Megan’s determination for truth is not only because of the friendship between her and Darren, but because of the feelings involved between them.


          I felt a connection to this story because of Megan’s trust to Darren. You know the feeling of desperation because a friend was accused of something you know he didn’t do and you only got each other to lean on.
            Another connection is that obnoxious impression of Megan to Julie. I always got stuck with the worst person (in my opinion) I know who does bad things but no one would believe me because they thought I’m nuts and just want to point people out.
            Lastly, I had a connection between Megan’s friendships towards Darren. Sometimes, you help people without even understanding why you do it. In the end, you’ll realize it is love.


          I couldn’t figure out why some friends of Darren didn’t believe of his innocence. Are they true friends to Darren? Why did Karen put a shield mark on her killings, including her father? Is she really insane? Why Sam Hargrove did took time to think on whether he will represent Darren or not? Are there more he know than he say?


             I think if Karen told the truth earlier, she wouldn’t be embarrassed in front of everybody. I think if she just followed Brad’s advice, then the latter would still be alive and even though she got imprisoned, she could plead for insanity. Then, all of them will be happy. If only I could change everything, but that’s the story. That’s why I like it.

Part 2

Option #23: Complete a number of statements.

·       1.   What I most wanted to happen is for the story to continue with Darren and Megan as the center of it. Megan will go back to Santa Monica and continue her studies. Every winter break, she and her family will have a vacation at Sapphire Lake. Eventually, the friendship between her and Darren will blossom into love.


·        2.  What I liked is when Julie appeared in the story. The moment she appeared, the story just began to take a turn that made me more curious about the ending.


·        3.  The thing that surprised me is when the truth about the killer. It was Karen. Unbelievable! At first, one may realize that there is no way she could kill Brad but as the story draws to its conclusion, all reasons to kill Brad and their fathers pointed to Karen.


·       4.  What I admired about the main character, Megan, was her perseverance and her attitude of standing to what she believes is right. Despite, the fact that everybody turned their backs against Darren, Megan found ways to know the truth and she never gave up to what she believes: Darren is innocent.


·       5.   What I hate the most is when Darren was pushing Karen to tell the truth but Karen still denies it. She is obnoxious! I mean, she knows the truth and the truth is already revealing itself yet, she has the guts to deny it and point fingers. Oh well, she is insane. Pity!


·      6.    My most admired character aside from Megan is Roberto. I like him because, though they already know what Karen did, he still stayed at her side for moral support. He never left her despite that Karen loves Brad so much and him a little less. Roberto is a hopeless romantic lad who just wants to love and to be loved, though unequally, by Karen.


·      7.    What I admired about the antagonist, Karen, was her strong- willed determination to excel. In spite that she’s the killer, she still has the attitude of a warrior goddess. That attitude of her makes me want to be like her, the sharp shooter, not her being the barbaric killer.


·      8.   The character that best resembles me is Roberto. We are the same in terms of being a hopeless romantic. Like him, I treat my friends the way they should be treated. When I like someone, I help him in every way I could and I always put myself beside him. I would always support him in his endeavors and though I know he likes someone else, I will not be mad but instead I will be happiest for them. Like Roberto to Karen, I am always two steps behind my loved ones.


·      9.    My first impression of the story was I thought it is about betrayal. Well in a way, betrayal was involved in its plot but as I read it through, I came to know that it’s about trust and friendship. The Deadliest of Friends began with a swirl of confusing events but eventually, it ended with a deathly revelation of the truth. My impression just turned out to be the base ingredient of the story.


·        10.  If I were to change one event in the story, it would be when Darren confronted Karen. Instead of confronting her at the Devil’s Trail Peak, I want Darren to do it when Karen and the rest goes hunting. It is more exciting for Darren will really get Karen the flashbacks of what she did to her and Brad’s father. That would have been nicer.