Wednesday, 16 November 2011


My name is Sarah F. Ubpon. I am an AB English student of Mindanao State University General Santos City Campus. I am eighteen years old with long black hair and a pair of eyeglasses.
Most people would call me "a nerd", "a smart kid", etc.
Yes. I love books and laboratory equipments (though I don't know how to use some of them). I love searching the internet for new learning and talking about supernatural phenomena with friends.
However, being all of those is not being "Little Miss Perfect". I am just one of you.

Let's know why it is, blow- by- blow...

1. I am a girl and I have my mood swings.

--Oh come on! Who in this world doesn't know I am moody????????
(I know one but I'm not gonna name names)
When I enter a room, I'm in a joyful mood but in a minute or two, beware, i might change myself in an angry mood. All of us have this and this cannot be change or removed from our system. I just want people to know that I am not at all good in playing with my own boo- boos.

2. I am also a dumb student and I cheat.

--Wooh! I am so glad I said that.
Children, I'm not as intelligent as what you think I am. There are also things I don't know and that I can't understand. In that case, I need to turn my head left to right, front and back, up and down just for me to get some answers.
Oh, and I'm really pissed off with students who cover their papers when I'm just asking for the date but when they are the one to ask for my answer, they never mind my paper being crumpled. THAT SUCKS!!!
But anyway, now you know that I am not the lady version of Albert Einstein in the 21st century
I also cheat.

3. I am a crazy teenager with crazy set of friends.

Lunch in a table...
Eating with one spoon and plate...
Throwing garbages in each others faces...
Teasing each other with cruel names...
Walking in other colleges building to bond...
...that's what we do when we meet.

Some people think I am not fun to be with but it is alright. All I know is that, with my true friends, I can be as crazy and foolish as I am. That's what makes my life exciting and fun.

I just shared a few thing about me. haha.
Just want to remind everyone that I AM JUST ONE OF YOU.

I love you Earthlings...

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