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Third Entry                                                               Frbruary 29, 2012

The Spiderwick Chronicles by Tony Di Terlizzi and Holly Black

Part 1

Reading the story reminds me of my own childhood fascination with dwarves, fairies, and the likes. It brought me back to the days when my friends and I would walk around the playground with the hope of seeing a dwarf or a fairy. There are times when we would stay up late in front of my aunt’s house and we would share our own stories about these creatures.
Another connection I had is that, one of my cousins, Kuya Macmac once told us that he has a friend dwarf when he once went to Bicol. When he returned to us in Biñan, he told us everything about this friend if his. We never got the chance to see this dwarf but its okay as long as we have our OWN dwarf story. With this book, not only that my fascination about these creatures return but also, my belief about them coming to life will never be taken away from me, not again.


            It was adventurous of the Grace’s children, especially Jared, to keep the book even if Thimbletack already warned them about the danger in keeping that field guide.  With their story, I thought it was fun having that field guide. The children just enjoyed that life- threatening experience (mystery finding, etc.) should be in the minds of people, especially children. I mean, with the world’s conformity in every aspect of life, we must not settle to it. We must explore the world and let not only our minds but also our hearts see the possible things we could grasp. It just proves that we are intelligent beings so we have the capabilities of discovering the uncommon and challenging the impossibilities.


            Though I know a lot of people think that the book has been made out of a wild imagination of the authors, a description about why the book was written puzzled me. Was there a real letter from the Grace’s children that motivated the authors from writing the book? Well that is another part of my question. Another question that I have is that, if ever Jared gave up the field guide to the goblins, will the creatures stop ruining their lives.


            This fascinating story began with a book, so for me, if ever the book from Arthur was not discovered by Jared and his siblings, their out- of- this –world adventure would not make me love this story a lot. Moreover, the end of the story is a cliffhanger for me. If I will be the one to write the next scene for the sixth book, that will be about the Grace’s siblings and their own family. You know, Jared, Simon and Mallory having their escapade with their children. That would be nice, isn’t it?

Part 2

Option 13: Write a letter to the author

Dear Mr. Di Terlizzi and Mrs. Black:

I know that you are very artistic authors and that shows in the serial, The Spiderwick Chronicles. I just want you to know that with this story, I am able to bring back my childhood memories about how my friends and I would go out telling stories about fairies. I am a believer of what is written in the book. 

I am sorry if I say that you can just invent the story about the Grace’s letter to you inspired you two to write the book. For me, whether it is real or just a make- belief, I am sure that the fairies and the world they live in exist. They are not just creatures from imaginations. I believe they are real.

Lastly, I thank you for this serial. With this story, my beliefs about fairies return. Thank you for I know that I am not alone in my beliefs. I know you also believe in them.

You are my dream savers.

Sarah Ubpon

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